Isang pangkawit sa CR ng pambabae, may nakatagong camera pala.

A restroom or CR is a place wherein you can wash away all waste products of your body. It should be a place where you can be relieve and relax. People also find this place to retouch and wash their hands and faces. Some people are particular on selecting their restrooms. Mostly are women. They want it to be clean and tidy. To defecate or urinate on a good and satisfying way.

However, a netizen named Muhammad Khairuldin posted a video about a hidden camera disguised as a hook in public toilet in a Mamak stall in Kuala Lumpur. The video showed how his friends discovered the hidden cam.

“Khairuldin said that one of his friends knew of the hidden camera because he has seen a similar one before. He later claimed to have thrown the hook away and chose not to confront the staff because he knew they would deny that it was theirs. Would you have told the staff about it?”

“According to Khairuldin, he did not mention the name of the mamak because he did not lodge a police report as he is afraid that the staff would turn the blame on him, instead of owning up to it.”

“In the caption, Khairuldin tells everyone, especially women, to be more aware of the existence of such hidden cameras. Take note, guys and girls!”

Salute to Mr. Khairuldin for sharing this kind of awareness to the social media. This will be a reminder for all, most especially women, to be cautious of these kind of event. In order to protect ourselves we must be keen observant on our surroundings.

This incident also taught us the power of information of social media. The shared post of Mr. Khairuldin will serve as a warning for those who wants to use this kind of technology to other public places.