Wedding Entourage Gimmick gets viral. Watch this.

Not your typical wedding entourage. Get ready to laugh out loud!

A video of a wedding entourage gets viral on social media wherein the quiet and solemn mode of wedding entourage has come to another level. The principal sponsors together with the entourage line up had put the wedding ceremony into a real celebration of union of two individuals united by the wedding by cheerfully dancing with the ****.

Everybody’s cheering, laughing, having good times. The master of the ceremony was a great host indeed, giving that spice to the special occasion. The video had shared good vibes to everyone who attended the wedding making the event a very memorable and nostalgic wedding ceremony. The video was posted by Ren Pep with 991 thousand views as of writing with 1.8 thousand comments and 12 thousand shares. A very blessed marriage for the couple indeed!