Vice Ganda’s story of success and an amazing sneak peek at his dream house in QC

He was indeed a remarkable showbiz personality here in the Philippines. Vice Ganda or also known as Jose Marie Borja Viceral, 42 years old from Tondo, Manila the youngest of the five siblings of his Ilocana mother and his Barangay Captai father. He was a famous personality in the showbusiness nowadays.

He was also a host at It’s Showtime in ABS-CBN, a performer, an actor, a singer, and an endorser. When he was young, he had witnessed the ****** of his father a few days before his 15th birthday. Because of that incident his mother had to worked abroad as a caregiver to support their family. He had took up Political Science at Far Eastern University and had known for his basketball skills. He had also been confused with his gender preference and his sexuality when he was younger but he tend to disregard those feeling because of the fear it might bring to his family. As he grew older, he had a chance to be himself and perform at clubs and other comedy bars where. he was discovered and named as Vice Ganda. He had also been blessed to have his dream house at Quezon City.

His house was a modern zen with a minimalist appeal. The living area was muted in color and was completed by an art piece from Artesia Gallery.

The kitchen was L-shaped and has a granite counter top. Vice’s bathroom has a lot of pieces from the luxury brand Kohler and a mirror where he does his make-ups.

His bedroom was also in white and black color scheme as same as the other places of the house but with a kick of red color on the head board to make it a little bit lively. It was very inspiring achieving your dreams despite all your struggles and challenges in life.