Update to The Industrious Father Who Had His Daughter At Work While Selling OPPO Phones: He Can Now Sell More Units

Remember Beh Lahh Dela Torre’s post regarding her co-worker Eson Luis Delos Reyes? Eson is an industrious father who often comes to work with his daughter as his wife is also working. There are times that there is no one to babysit their daughter, so he accompanied her to work.

Most of the times, Eson carried his two-year-old daughter while making a demo of OPPO units. Despite it, he can still sell phones due to his hard work and dedication. Beh Lahh saluted his hard work and posted it on Facebook. Eson’s story touched many netizens, one of them is Mommy Blogger Pehpot.

She was touched by the story, so she planned to buy a baby carrier to help ease Eson on his job. While she messages her intentions to Shadrach’s Collection, a line of baby carriers in the Philippines, the company decided to sponsor it and give one to Eson for free.

“When I told my intention sa Shadrach, nagulat ako, they agreed to give an SSC for FREE. I’m planning to buy, pero ang generous ng Shadrach sobraaaaa. And yes, may tindang SSC ang Shadrach and not just wrap. May ring sling din sila.

So ayan, mukhang mas maraming units na matitinda ni Tatay Eson kahit kasama si baby dahil may carrier na.”

Now, Eson can comfortably work even his daughter is with her. Are you happy for him?

Source: Mommy Blogger Pehpot