A Man Can Make A Person Float In Witty Way!

A viral video by a Pinoy and a Pakistani showing off some skills to each other, sends enormous laughters to whoever’s gonna watch the video clip gaining 112 thousand views as of writing and 1.5 thousand shares.

On the said video the Filipino tries to levitate his Pakistani friend up on air but the Pakistani friend doubts the Pinoy’s statement that he can do such thing.

The Pinoy then asks his Pakistani friend to try lifting him up as well but the Pakistani friend cannot levitate the Pinoy because he was two heavy and it was really impossible for someone to do that thing.

After some tries the Pinoy friend was able to lift the Pakistani friend but the Pakistani friend did not knew that he was being tricked by the Pinoy and their other friend.

The trick is when the Pinoy tries to lift the man up, their other friend will help the Pinoy to lift their Pakistani friend.