Titser na nag-check ng test papers sa pila ng van, Umani ng maraming magagandang komento sa social media.

Education is vital in living. Learning in school is required to have a better life. Almost all successful individuals studied hard to be what they are today. This is all thanks to the teachers who sacrifice and dedicate their efforts to their students.

Teachers are like second-moms to their students. Because most of the time of the students are in school. Moreover, Teachers have a big factor on molding the character and motivation of a student. If a teacher is passionate with his/her profession, it will reflect and manifest with his/her students.

Being a teacher is not an easy job. It requires determination and time management. Teacher’s works are not ending on the school’s dismissal, it will still continue on their home, by checking student’s quizzes, assignments, reports, test papers. They also make lesson plans for the next day and computing grades of their students. Sometimes, a teacher lacks time for his/her family and self. It is a sacrifice given to show how hard being a teacher is. When teachers are in school, 90% of their time are focused on the lesson and school activities which means 10% are only left for their other chores.

Netizens talked about a viral photo about a teacher who was checking test papers while falling in line in a van terminal. The said teacher was on her way home.

According to Pilipino Star Ngayon, the teacher waited two (2) hours in the terminal from Taft to Molino. Inspite of the place, even the teacher was standing, the teacher show us passion and dedication on work.

On that situation, other people spend their time on their Cellphones. Their way of waiting is by internet, facebook, music, or by games. Many netizens salute and compliment the photo. This is an example of time management. Maybe, the reason why the teacher did this, after a long time of waiting and travel, the teacher can finally rest and relax at home with no worries.