This video of a tornado was caught in Bulacan but the Bulakenyo accent stood the most.

A viral video of tornado formation was caught in Bulacan posted on social media by Mr. Miguel Agulto Celso. The said viral video already reached 163 thousand views as of this writing with 1.8 thousand shares, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.7 thousand reactions already.

On the video, it can clearly be seen that a tornado was formed above the waters which is also known as “ipo-ipo” in English while “buhawi” are actually tornadoes formed on land.

The video might seem scary to many or to whoever happened to watch it but the very different thing is many social media users had talked about how amusing the Bulakenyo accent behind the video rather than the tornado itself.

Many have commented how they longed to be in Bulacan and that they also missed Bulakenyos that are very warming and loving in nature. Some also said that they will never be wrong if they said that the video was taken on Bulacan because of a very distinct accent of the locals.