An OFW pursues his dream and not to go back to his house anymore

We are all dreaming to have our own house and lot. As our families grow bigger we only had one wish to unite each and every one together and live happily together. This viral video on social media was all about an ofw that totally gets tired and didn’t want to go back to his former house anymore. That is because he pushed himself so hard to buy his family their own house and lot.

Despite all the difficulties and struggles in life, despite all the hindrances and the challenges and sacrifices being alone in another country, as well as he knows that someday his family will have a better future especially his daughter.

The video touched many hearts of social media users, as we all know that many of our countrymen are having the same situation as on the video. Almost all Filipino families have their loved ones abroad, working so hard, dreaming and hoping that someday all their dreams and hopes will come true, not just only for their hardwork but for their strong belief and faith in God all throughout their journey away from their families.

The said viral video already reached 428 thousand views, 10 thousand shares, 1.6 thousand comments and 11 thousand reactions.