This man was so game to sing and it comes with a free gas

Free gas for this man’s wonderful confidence and singing voice. A video posted on social media went viral with 2.7 million views and 1, 978, 044 shares as of this writing. A man that was supposedly filling his car with gas had it for free because of his confidence and so game personality to sing and had fun.

The man was surprised at first because of a host on the television speaking and talking to him and challenging him to sing with a free gas in return. But he eventually gave it a try to sing on a gas station and just find himself enjoying his whole performance.

He sang the song “Living on a prayer” that he was a good singer after all. The host asked if his wife can also be his duet partner on an on the spot performance but the wife disagree. And he continued singing as a way of thanking for their free gas.