This man was bashed on social media because of life *********** thing he have done

He should have never tried doing this. A viral video posted on social media earned a lot of negative comments because it was life *********** and very risky to do on the middle of the sea.

A man on his mid 20’s, a supposedly Filipino marine was on a video having fun outside of the deck during a very bad weather where there are obviously a very high waves and strong current. It was a standard protocol to every seafarers to prioritize safety all the time but this video simply pictures the opposite thing.

Many concerned social media users reminded the man not to do it anymore and not to make fun out of life *********** situation. It might be a cause of accident if he had been wiped out by the strong waves in the middle of the sea. He may enjoyed the whole thing but it was very alarming to any one whose going to watch the video.