He picks up a fight to every vehicle that passes by on the road but this came up and surprised him

A video of a man picking up a fight to every single vehicle who pass by the road he was standing by holding a pipe as he angrily shouted and curse everyone went viral on social media.

As of this writing the said video already had 3.3 million views, 78 thousand shares, 14 thousand comments, and 46 thousand reactions. As the man puts on a show at the middle of a busy road there came a military vehicle full of soldiers and when the man realized that they were soldiers he immediately ran as if he saw a ghost. Many social media users as well as the video uploader made fun of what happened to the man.

It might seem a dangerous scenario but turned out that the man who made a scene at the middle of the road that scared many people already had learned his lesson. So be very careful next time when doing silly things you may end up in trouble.