A motorcycle rider that cannot reach the ground by his feet

We Filipinos are known to be short and often times gets envy with those tall people we see and get along with. But on this viral video posted on social media, a man was driving his motorcycle and get caught on a video doing something. He cannot actually stop using his feet and will just get off the motorcycle for him to be able to stop.

It was actually experienced by many of us because of our shortness we are unable to do somethings. But this thing should never be a joke or a funny situation to anyone. It was never good humiliating other people for the sake of fun of someone else.

He maybe short and unable to reach the ground by his feet while riding his motorcycle, but what matters most was he was wearing his helmet, his jacket and most of all he abides by the traffic rules. We should always keep in mind not to be harsh to other people, regardless of height, weight, race, ethnicity and even their skin color.