This little child cared so much for his grandparent

He feeds his grandfather his favorite papaya. Grandparents here in the Philippines were very much loved by their grandchildren.

They are the ones to look and to take care of their grandchildren when their parents are at work. On this viral video posted on social media with a total of 16 million views, 351 thousand shares, 8.7 thousand comments and 70 thousand reactions was a heart felt scenario between a child and his grandparent. The cute little child feeds his grandparent his favorite fruit and the two seemed very happy.

It was very heart warming seeing a child care for his grandparent when we usually see the opposite. This can also be a very good example on showing love to the elderly, they might be **** or weak but in their lifetime they learned to love each and everyone of us. They tries to nurture us and had guide us to be a better and the best version of ourselves in every way they ever could.