A great example to every student: Child rides on his unicycle in going to school everyday!

Education is our key to success as many of us would hear those phrases to our teachers, parents and grand parents.

As our national hero once said that “Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan”. A video of a child prioritizing his studies despite the kilometers he had to bike with his unicycle everyday! The child never complained throughout the video.

Mr. Alan Imbo Panday posted the video on social media where he finds this 7-year old boy named Swartzineger Balasan of Cavite riding his unicycle going to school.

It was a video of inspiration for every student and every parent out there to give importance to education whatever challenge, problems, or struggles you are facing you can definitely and surely overcome those and with the grace of God and your will to finish your race, nothing is impossible!