This beautiful lady had been viral doing this video with a suspect

She had been famous not just because of her angelic face but because of the video she made. We often times watched videos about trending news and issues all over our country and even abroad.

Many people had also made funny videos out of a sensitive case, situation or scenario. The recent viral video that has been viral on social media platform already had 4 million views, together with 121 thousand shares, 11 thousand comments, and 162 thousand reactions. On the said viral video, a beautiful lady had composed her own video with a viral video of a suspect.

The said video had earned many comments regarding the issue. Some had warned the girl that she must be careful especially when the suspect had been released he might be looking for her because of what she had done and said on the video.

Some social media users also reminded the girl not to make jokes and funny videos out of a very serious matter especially to a person who had committed a unlawful act. Many also commented how beautiful the girl was and that they admired the girl so much because of her lovely and angelic face.

They have also commented that she should not waste her time on the guy but rather try to know other man as well. It might seem an ordinary funny video to some people but it was very scary doing those things and uploading it to social media and everyone in the world can freely watch it. The guy on the video can also watch it in the near future. The man in the video seems to be not in a very good mind set and it seems that he was under the influence of a lot intake of medication.

As many of our parents and elders would have reminding us not to be irresponsible in our decisions, we should always think, and think, and think before posting anything in social media.