Many Filipino will understand how ******* it is to leave your family behind

A video on social media went viral because many Filipino families were actually experiencing it. It was a video of a Father, a mother and their child.

The little boy was very young to understand what was really happening but the father still managed to put up some show before he left his family and work abroad. The father pretends to be playing with his child a peek-a-boo game and after a while the father already disappeared in front of his clueless and ****** child.

This scenario was heart breaking not just to parents, to children, but to everyone who chooses to be distant from their family to earn money and be able to give the things his or her child needs.

Unfortunately, what if the child needs his father more than anything in this world? Were the sacrifices of the fathers, mothers, and even the children worth it? Is there any other option or choice to choose from? So many questions yet so hard to answer.