The indiscriminate garbage disposal of illegal settlers in the river caught on a video

People should know the outcome of their negligence and irresponsibility in our nature. One of the main problems our country is facing today was the tremendous volume of garbage collected each and every day to different towns, provinces, and places all over the country.

On this viral video posted on social media, several individuals were caught on a video throwing their garbage on the river without hesitations and without minding the possible outcome of what they are doing.

When this situation continues and each and every people will throw garbage in the river and other bodies of water there will be a greater effect on the safety of every community especially when the rain comes, even typhoons and other calamities. The ***** thing to happen is to compromise other people lives because of those indiscriminate throwing of garbage anywhere without even worrying about the future of our environment.

This video should be an eye opener to each and every individual to already quit what they are doing in our environment but rather be more responsible and start caring and loving our environment which is a non-renewable resource before it was too late.