Heart breaking farewell of this father inside the **** to his daughter’s remains

It was very difficult for someone to have lost a loved one. But the most difficult was not being able to bid a proper farewell to that person who have been very precious to you. A viral video on social media had gained a lot of attentions and reactions because of its heartbreaking scenario.

A father that was in **** bids goodbye to his daughter behind the **** bars, he was not even able to hold his daughter’s remains, just a quick peek on the coffin will be the last resort of the ****** father.

Many had been mad to the fact that rich people and even rich politicians would have been given an exception when their loved ones had past away. But how about this normal, average father, how can he able to produce money and pay for his temporary freedom? This video was a real picture on what is going on in our society.

Will there be no other solutions? What will happen to those people in need? Who will be their voice when no one is willing to listen? May this be an eye opener to everyone, to everyone who had been hoping that someday, maybe there will be a change, a good change for us.

Source: Facebook