Nag-alay ang kanyang mga kaibigan ng kakaibang sayaw para sa kanyang libing!

Passed away- often times brings fear, worries, regrets, and extreme ******* to each and everyone of us. The lifelessness of someone we love and very dear to us will always be a heart break to anyone.

Here in the Philippines have so many superstitious beliefs regarding lifelessness and *******. It was believed that we should never sweep the floor during the wake, it was a bad omen wearing red colored clothes, it was really bad bringing the food home from a *******, it was also bad luck if you didn’t go somewhere else before going my home after coming from a ******* or wake many of us called it ‘pagpag’.

And there are many more beliefs that up until now has not yet been proven true. On this recent viral video posted on social media with a 706,000 views as of this moment and 5,000 shares.

Thai girls danced sexy on their friends *******. It was said that the deceased was very close to them and that she was also a dancer before in other clubs and restaurants. Many social media users also had some sympathy with the deceased and her friends, saying that they only loved their friends but most of the comments was all about how inappropriate the dance was in a ******* especially their friend’s *******.

It was also true that whatever things or favor the deceased had told you up until now that he or she was gone, we always keep to ourselves to appreciate them when they were still alive.

It was indeed true that our loved ones who had passed always already was in the good and glorious hand that was Jesus.