Some of the tallest people many Filipinos truly admired

They are blessed with a gift of height most people prayed they have. We Filipinos are known to be short people. Maybe it was because of our race and ethnicity. We often saw tall people and secretly admired them wishing we also have the gift of height they are blessed with.

It was true about tall people living on some parts of the world. They may seem funny but it should never be funny being a tall person. It was indeed a blessing but it was also a great challenge and struggle that they are facing.

Tall people find it so hard to ride a vehicle designed for average and with normal height individuals. This video should be a great example on how we can help these people adjust in our society with their everyday living. We should be all sensitive in the feelings of other people. Be considerate on what they really feel.

They may seem strong and tough but you will never know what they have in their minds and what they are really going through.