Silipin ang bakasyon nina Bossing Vic Sotto, Pauleen Luna at ng baby nilang si Tali sa Palawan!

Every moments with our families will always be memorable and unforgettable. We always feel complete when we are with our loved ones. Every family bonding moments are actually made special with the little bundles of joy of the family.

The little baby’s laughter, giggle, and playfulness will always be a great booster of our tiring days. We are always updated on the whereabouts of our favorite celebrities. They also serve as an inspiration to everyone of us.

Recently, viral photos of the Palawan escapade of family Sotto had been spreading on different social media platforms. The veteran actor and host Vic Sotto enjoyed his vacation together with his lovely wife Pauleen Luna, Eat Bulaga’s host, and their 11-month daughter Tali. Many was surprised how Pauleen managed to be so fit after less than a year of giving birth to their daughter.

Their daughter, Talitha Maria born on November 2017 looks very adorable and jolly. There were also videos showing how intelligent their daughter was. She already know some letters and she had been able to recognize them as well as the known Filipino trait “pagmamano” as a sign of respect to elders.

That are some of the reasons why Tali was one of the most adored babies on social media nowadays. The photos of the family in Palawan having sunbathing went viral on social media. It was a picture of a wonderful family that despite their busy schedules they still manage to bring their family out in a vacation.

Many of us would definitely wish that they could also experience those precious moments together with their loved ones.