Pinagpalit ng isang lalaki ang kanyang mag-iina para sa isang foreigner!

Family was the greatest blessing a man or a woman could ever hoped for. A family that is consist of a mother, a father, and their children.

There was a recent viral video posted on social media that had touched the hearts of many social media users. On the said viral post of Maica Tidoy on her social media account, she was very **** about what happened to him and to Michael, her husband for seven years and they already had two children.

She was **** and broken because of the fact that his husband already had another woman that was actually a foreigner. Her husband was an overseas Filipino worker in China. On her post, it was a bittersweet goodbye for her to let go and to forgive her husband.

It was also very kind of her not to be mad to her husband and his other woman but rather give them her forgiveness. She just reminded her ex husband to not forget about their children because they were the greatest blessing she could ever had.

Unlike other wife that would really wanted to take revenge on the infidelity of her husband, she was very strong and loving that she would wished her ex husband well despite the **** he had caused him.

For now, it would be only her **** as a wife that we can feel on her post but as times and years gone by it was really sure that the most ******* and hurtful feeling would be felt by their two children that may eventually affect their perception about family. But because of the wife’s good heart it was pretty sure that the children will always be in good hands and in the comfort of their understanding and loving mother.