Pauleen Luna pinagtanggol ang anak na si Tali tungkol sa “overweight comment” ng isang netizen

Parenting, this might be one of the hardest jobs in the world but still the most fulfilling and rewarding one. Our children were definitely a little bit naughty at times, stubborn, and hard-headed but they are still one of the wonderful things that happened to us.

And when it comes a time that they are being in trouble, we, as parents, are always there to comfort, advice, and console them. Our favorite celebrities were never an exception in this kind of things. One of them became viral on different social media platforms.

Pauleen Luna, wife of the veteran actor Vic Sotto, and the mother of cute little Talitha Maria who is turning 1 year old this coming November 6 had answered one of the comments of a netizen about her 11-month old daughter being overweight. Caroline Garcia (@pupcrew) had commented on one of the social media post of Pauleen Luna with a photo of Tali saying, “Overweight. Bordering obesity. Not healthy.” Tali’s mother, Pauleen Luna answered those comments with a very professional and calm tone, “Hi ladies! She is a perfectly healthy baby.

Her pedia says her weight is fine and she will lose weight once lumikot na sya (she starts becoming active). Thanks for the concern!” She had also defended her child on other social media issue that Tali was drinking milk on a feeding bottle and sime thought it was a formula milk when the actress had confirmed it was a breastmilk and they had just to put it in the feeding bottle.

Why does it seem to be a judgemental society nowadays? Simply judging someone without even knowing the real situation! Hoping someday, there can be change!