Panandaliang yaman sa BPI: Nagwithdraw at biglang nagkaroon ng 7M

Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) is one of the major banks in the Philippines. It serves large numbers of companies and individuals on their financial and banking needs. BPI already have voluminous numbers of branches and ATM accross the country. They also have online facilities like online banking. As one of the top banks in our country, it must be expected that the money will be always safe and secured on their hands.

What if your money disappeared on your account? Of course you will get worried and immediately inquire it on your BPI branch.

But what if you check your account and unexpectedly you have a 7 million? Would you be happy to withdraw the money as it is your own? Or would you inquire it on the BPI branch and be a good person to say that it is a discrapancy on the balance.

“On October 19, some of the 120 account holders was affected on the system error on withdrawal and balance inquiry. This was not the first time this happened to the system of BPI. Some of them where shock on the balance of their account. On the receipt, 5-7 million pesos was indicated. The error was caused by the system maintenance and EMV debit card holders are affected on this”.

But BPI cleared “They can only see the million in receipt and ATM, but the on their account was the true actual balances when they view on their BPI Express Online.” According to GMA news from one of the officials of BPI.

The glitch happened to BPI was a lesson. It teaches us not to depend or “umasa” in a click, you are an instant millionare. The only key to earn this kind of money is to strive hard to have it. At least, at a moment, thru this kind of event, some experienced being a millionare thru the wrong receipt.

We just hope that this would not happen again not only on BPI but on all banks. For the people to feel sucured and worry-free banking.

Work hard and dream more. You may not know, one these days, if you inquire on your account. You can see your own Millions on it.