Pamilya ng OFW sa New Zealand nakaranas ng racial diskriminasyon

Discrimination is an unjust treatment on someone or something because of its difference from the other. It was a very controversial issue ever since all over the world and even until now little that we know that it was still existing and many people are really being affected.

Nowadays, people are much more aware of the prejudice and the unfair treatment of a person or an organization to certain individual. There had been a viral video about an OFW family in New Zealand who actually experienced racial discrimination. Krizia Alexa Egipto and her family was on a vacation in Wellingtonl, New Zealand. Her father was actually an OFW there and he was working as a dairy farm worker in Winton, New Zealand.

During their vacation, her father wanted some coffee that is why they went to a coffee shop where they have encountered this woman saying that they should not be there and they should go back to their country because New Zealand is only for white people. “Don’t come back here anymore. You’re not welcome here.

This is only for white people. This country is for white people only!”. It was not just a single incident that actually happened to the Filipino family on that place because there are still other incidents that they encountered with the same woman again! Fortunately, Krizia had been able to defend her family and they actually got hugs from other people who had witnessed the scenario.

The Mayor of Wellington eventually apologized for all the Filipino family and assured that racism was not allowed on their place. It was indeed true that discrimination should never had a place on the hearts of any one of us.