Paanong nagawa ni Misis na humingi ng sustento kay Mister matapos niyang mangaliwa?

Marriage was a sacred union of two individuals as husband and wife. It was also a partnership, a team up, a solid relationship of husband and wife throughout all the sweet moments, struggles and challenges that they will be going through.

There will always be problems that husband and wife will face through out their marriage journey. Unfortunately, there was a viral video about a wife who was caught by her husband having a romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend. After that incident, the wife insisted that her husband should gave her 50 thousand pesos as a financial support.

The wife insisted that her husband already knew about her forbidden relationship with her ex-boyfriend ever since it began. The husband still stated that even if he knew everything about them she should not threaten the husband that she will do anything to let his business be closed. The wife also stated that she doesn’t want her marriage with her husband in the very first place.

She added that she had just fell on the sweet gestures of her husband and had regret her decision to marry him after 3 months of courtship. When the wife was asked to break up with her lover she quickly replied “Ay, hindi pwede!”. She doesn’t even want to fix her marriage with her husband anymore.

It was a very sad truth that some people gave up on their marriage just like that. Maybe they get tired and forgot about their promise to each other and their promise to God, to be together, At the end of the day, what important was the happiness and completeness of the individuals involved.