OFW naglabas ng kanyang sentimyento tungkol sa Aim Global na sinabihan pa nitong mga manloloko!

It was very hard to earn a living not just for yourself but for your family as well. That is why many of our countrymen had decided to work overseas to earn more money than settling on a minimum wage here in the Philippines.

But as years pass by our OFWs abroad seems to be very eager in earning and saving to the point that they really wanted to join some networking group for instant money but little that they know that they might be on greater risk joining such an organization. On this recent viral video of an OFW named Jocelyn Solitana, she was very mad about the scamming and the tricks that Aim Global had been doing to many Overseas Filipino worker like her.

The said viral video already reached 750 thousand views as of this writing. She also added that she was not open minded enough to just waste her hard earned 8 thousand pesos for the sake of the Aim Global membership where she will be given products that she will sell to other people that was a very hard thing to do since the products are not that important for an ordinary people to buy.

She also added that it was very unfair that the “founder” would earn as much as 100 thousand pesos but the recruiter would only had 10 thousand pesos for a 20-person recruit. She ended her video that all ofw should be able to be wise enough in handling their money.

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