Netizen Rant Over A Travel Agency in Facebook, See the ***** Experience Ever

Travelling is a wonderful experience especially on holiday. Last Holy Week, a lot of people meditated on peaceful places. Some find calm near the beach. Just like this netizen’s family who aimed to travel and relaxed on the beach.

Paulyne Erica David posted their whole experiences just recently with a travel agency named Travel Galore.

“Just wanted to share our ***** AND STRESSFUL experience with Travel Galore

We booked an EXCLUSIVE TOUR for 12pax to Calaguas for March 29 to 30, for a 2d1n package. And we did not expect that this will be THE ***** TOUR EVER. So much stress and a lot of WASTED TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT!”

At the beginning of her rant, you can sense that it is worth the read since it gives warning especially to travellers. They experienced a lot of hassles on this supposed to be a happy vacation for the family. The first thing is their driver arrived 2 hours late with two companions who are not in the package. Then, the companion comfortably seats in front with chair reclined which made the person in the back of the seat uncomfortable. That just the beginning of the story, read the whole post here:

Do you think they should get a full refund for all the hassle the agency did?

Source: Paulyne Erica David