Natulungan ng isang netizen ang isang matandang jeepney drayber na hindi na makilala ang mga bagong barya dahil malabo na ang mata

Facebook and other social media apps have been a tool for helping other people. Some of them use this app for negative purposes but others use it for good. This social media apps have been a part of our daily activities because the uses of it is voluminous. This apps also help other individuals to be close to their loveones. Some also use these apps for entertainment by viewing and reading posts and videos. The use of these social media apps must be for the betterment of all and not using it against other individuals.

A good example of an individual who helped thru Facebook was “Sincerely Pascual” – Facebook name. She shared her jeepney travel experience that knocks the heart of many netizens.

On her post, the jeepney driver was an old man who could not recognize the old and new peso coins. According to her story, she paid 20 pesos to the driver and her change is 17 pesos. Due to the drivers poor vision, he must be confused of the new designs of the new peso coins. Maybe he thought that the new 5 peso coin is also a 1 peso coin or the new 10 peso coin is a 5 peso coin. After realizing the driver’s “sobrang-sukli” immediately she returned the money and explained it to the jeepney driver. She also called out other netizen to be aware of the old man’s condition. That if they could encounter and ride that jeepney, all passengers must always count the change and return back the excess amount if ever that happens. Not only to this jeep but to all.

The changes in design of our new peso coins had been a confusing event for some, mostly to those who have poor eyesight. We got used to clearly identify the 5 peso coin because of the gold-color and the 1 peso coin having the only silver-color. But today, All filipinos should look carefully on the indicated amount of the new coins. Filipinos must be mindful and adjust to all changes that is happening to their currency.

Because of the kindness of Sincerely Pascual, her post reached 43K reactions, 8.8K comments, and 25K shares. Moreover, Reporter from GMA News Mr. Jiggy Manicad also responded on her.

This event proves that Filipinos are truly kind-hearted persons. Sincerely Pascual is one of a concrete example of a Filipino who shows concern and benevolence. If all Filipinos have the mindset like Sincerely Pascual, then Filipinos can be united as one.