Naiwang IPHONE X sa TAXI, Jackpot si kuya drayber sa pagsoli dahil sa taglay na kagandahan ng may-ari

Everyday living is a struggle for some. They must work hard to sustain their needs. Moreover, extra effort must be done due to price increase of products such as food, gasoline, and more. Daily life will be challenging for those below or minimim wage earners.

Life is also a test. It is a challenge wherein sometimes we are tested to do bad things to earn money. But still, many of us are living in a righteous way.

One of an example of a righteous and honest person is Francisco Juaner. He is a driver of the taxi plate no. UVG 811 – Rangen Transport.

When Mr. Juaner knew that an IPHONE X was left on his taxi, He immediately return it thru the program “Solian ng bayan Wanted sa Radio”. A program by Mr. Raffy Tulfo. Also, this program is well known in the radio because of the lost and found purpose. Majority of people who return lost items are Taxi drivers. And numbers of people helped by this program were foreigners.

Surprisingly, the owner of the IPHONE X is a beautiful young lady. Naggina “Kina” Iqbal is a Half-Filipino and Half Pakistani. Even Raffy Tulfo was amazed with the gorgeousness of the lady. Ms. Kina was also accompanied by her bestfriend Elyss a Half-Filipino and Half-Portugese. Maybe, Mr. Juaner also wanted to see once again the remarkable beauty of Ms. Kinna thats why He returned it on the said program. Aside from seeing the beautiful girl, he was rewarded by the program, and will be given cash and gift items.

After the show, Ms. Kinna together with her bestfriend Elyss requested to take picture with Raffy Tulfo.

It is a good thing that Filipinos have this program. This will show other countries how Filipinos are honest with their lives. If you are on Mr. Juaner shoes, Should you return the IPHONE X? Mr. Juaner shows us that he is a good and righteous person. When someone left a valuable thing and you found it, then you take it even you know that there is a way to return, then that is stealing. Salute to you Mr. Juaner, you are a hero! And you are a lucky person to help a very beautiful lady by means of the radio program “Wanted sa Radio”