Nagpalitan ng maanghang na salita sina Darren Espanto at kapwa nito singer ukol sa post ng huli na “bakla” daw si Darren.

It was really a digital age conquering every corners of our daily lives. From high tech gadgets, to different social media platforms, no doubt that digital age was really on its way up!

Before, we are used to sleeping early after a very busy day in school or at work, but now because of using social media late at night we are always lacking sleep. Social media was really a big help especially with reuniting with our loved ones who are far from us, they maybe working abroad, studying or living on other countries. Social media had also been a daily routine for each and everyone of us to post our everyday feelings, recent photos, family gatherings, or even our whereabouts.

There had been a news on the word of Darren Espanto and his fellow singer that was actually his batchmates on the ABS-CBN’s The Voice Kids 2018. Darren Espanto was very mad of JK Labajo posts saying that he was a gay, “@Espanto2001 gayness at its finest”. JK had messaged Darren that his social media account was actually been hacked and he was not the one who post the controversial post. But Darren defended that it was impossible that the hacker immediately deleted the said post.

JK stated,
“Just so you know hindi ako yun. ask mca if you dont believe me.
“someone else is using my twitter account.
“so you better tell your fans and/or family to calm down because the last thing i want is to be accused of something i didnt do. cheers.”

Their conversation did not end the way it should be. It was still intense to the both of the artists. But whatever happened, may their issue be resolved in the most convenient, calm, and civil way. Besides they are batchmates on the industry.