Nagpa-retoke, nagpaayos, nagpaganda para tuloy-tuloy ang kita.

Being one of the well-known persons is not that easy. A celebrity is somewhat role model to the society. No matter what are the reasons behind their fame, their names were already marked on the minds of their followers/supporters. However, maintaining their beauty and physique are challenging on their part. In order to be appreciated, they must be always pleasing to the eyes of many.

But some of the celebrities hide the way of their transformation or means of beautification. Maintaining a beautiful body on a natural way is challenging. A healthy diet requires determination and perseverance. Some celebrities were admired of doing this kind of natural diet.

To be pleasing to the eyes of many, some celebrities undergo some procedures to make them more beautiful. Some of these are liposuction, sugery, enhancement, and other cosmetic procedures. They invest on this to be more confident and attractive to others.

Here are 8 celebrities who bravely admit that they undergo some cosmetic surgery:

1. Cristalle Belo

“Cristalle admitted in 2010 that she had liposuction to lose her unwanted fats. She is the daughter of Dr. Vicki Belo.”

2. Angeline Quinto

The Kapamilya star admitted to undergoing surgeries to fix her eyes, arms and back. Angeline is one of the most popular singers in Philippine showbiz today.”

3. Gretchen Barretto

“The Veteran actress revealed that she had her lips done to make them poutier. Gretchen is the partner of business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco.”

4. Jinkee Pacquiao

“Jinkee decided to lose weight by working out, going on a diet and undergoing liposuction. She is the wife of Senator Manny Pacquiao.”

5. Kris Aquino

“The Queen of All Media admitted that she underwent a nose job to improve her appearance. She recently had a drastic weight due to emotional and physical stress.”

6. Nathalie Hart

“Nathalie underwent a procedure to enhance her chest area. The daring actress recently announced that she is pregnant for the first time.”

7. Beauty Gonzalez

“The actress decided to enhance her looks by reducing the fats in her chin and jawline through surgery. Beauty broke through in showbiz by joining Pinoy Big Brother.”

8. Miho Nishida

“The former PBB housemate made headlines when she showed off her new look after undergoing surgeries. She explained that she underwent cosmetic procedures to feel more confident.”