Mother had given her hard-headed daughter an ultimatum that she will surely learned her lesson

This is how a loving and patient mother had turned into a strict one. Motherhood was one of the best things that could ever happen to a woman. Having a baby inside of your body really had a wonderful effect in every woman’s life.

They always say that mothers knows best because there will be no one in this world that could ever hope and pray for her child’s safety and success. On a recent viral video posted on social media garnering a total of 2,149,224 views as of this writing, many social media users had commented and relate themselves and their families as same as the viral video.

On the said viral video, the stubborn daughter was punished by her mother by the help of her brothers and to force her not to wear shorts anymore but rather wear pants. The daughter just laugh at her mother as the two brothers pretended to pushed her head. It was indeed true that mothers knows the best for her children.

She would never ever wished her children to be in danger or to ******. She might be just protecting her daughter on the way she dress that is why the mother wants her daughter to wear pants instead of shorts. This was a very touching video showing how great a mother’s love can be.

There are some people that doesn’t have their mothers with them at all, and it was very difficult not having your mother, your best friend, and your best buddy with you.