Mother cleaned up the pee of her child inside the train

This mother cleaned up the urine trail of her daughter in the train. Being a parent was never easy but it was really fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding in nature. Raising a child, being a parent or also known as child rearing was a very big responsibility not just for the mother but to both of the mother and the father of the child.

When you became a parent you will be able to love selflessly, having little time to sleep and little time for yourself. It is an act of prioritizing your child more than any other person you could ever imagine, it is mostly sacrificing, and learning to be more responsible and being a good example to your little one.

There was this viral video on social media where a mother cleaned up the trail of urine of her daughter inside of the mtr which earned a lot of negative and heart-breaking comments from different social media users. Some commented that it should have been the responsibility of the parent to teach their children on where to pee, especially not inside the train. Some also said that the incident was just a very minor incident and that the mother had cleaned up the pee of the little child. It was also seen on the video that the child had apologize to her mother because of what happened but the mother just said to her child that it was okay and there was nothing to worry about.

Many social media enthusiasts also sympathize the mother for what she have done, it mat seem humiliating to some people but what the mother had done was the best thing she could ever do at that moment. It should never be an issue of proper child upbringing, or how the parents have taught their child. If you are going to put yourself on the situation, the little girl was just a child that somehow cannot control the urge of urination.

It can also be a fact that they have travel far and do not have the time to drop by a comfort room before riding on the train. Salute to the mother who have been so understanding and loving to her little daughter. May this be a reminder to everyone not to judge a situation on how the society looks about it. We are human, we have our own will and we are rational. That is our difference to other living things.

We should always remember that we are human, we should know how to understand, how to love and how to be a good example as we follow the greatest example of our lives, our God.