Mga sikat na artista at kanilang mga nakakainggit na post-partum bodies!

Motherhood was a great blessing indeed! It was a life changing experience of a woman as a mother and a man as a father. Children will always be a bundle of joy in the family and a wonderful blessing from above. But nothing in this world comes that easy. It was also a great sacrifice and patience before you can see your little one. Proper nutrition as well as self-discipline are some of the most essential traits that a soon-to-be mother could ever have. After giving birth, most mothers experience post-partum disorders. Some also experience their post-partum bodies’ dilemma. Post-partum bodies that they thought could never ever be brought back again. Some of the famous faces of the showbiz industry had been a great challenge, a great hope and a great inspiration for many more women who were experiencing the same situations.

Ruffa Mae Quinto
The veteran actress/comedienne had lost 40 lbs in just 30 days! After experiencing post-partum disorder, she was now a healthier version of herself.

Michelle Madrigal

After just a year of giving birth, she was now back to her “dalaga body” again as can be seen on her social media accounts.

Georgina Wilson
In just nine months, she already managed to be in her pre-pregnancy body before.

Jewel Mische
She said that pregnancy was never easy. But still she was very grateful during the process and the result. Dhe also confessed that she did workouts during her pregnancy that is why it was a little bit easier for her to be back on her shape.

Pauleen Luna
She finally had showed her post-pregnancy body after giving birth to her daughter Tali, she was actually turning 1 year old this November 2018.

Motherhood might be tiring but it was one of the most fulfilling experience to a woman’s life ever!