May naganap nga kayang hokus pokus, pandaraya, o sabwatan sa naganap na raffle draw na ito ng SM City Bacoor?

Some Filipinos were fond of putting their hopes out of luck. As a perception that if you are lucky enough to have something you will actually have it without exerting so much effort.

If you are that lucky you will be able to experience the things that not everybody is experiencing, it might be your luck of money where in you will be able to have enormous amount of money without even worn out of work. Several Filipinos even tried their luck in the lottery or even small town lottery or STL.

It has been a very big news when the lotto jackpot reached up until more than a billion peso that was won by the two lucky individuals! Before the announcements of winners, lottery shops would always been so full and with a very long queue of people to bey for their lucky numbers. But unfortunately, there had been a viral video of a raffle draw in SM City Bacoor that had been spreading in different social media platforms. On the said viral video, there were several SM employees, a DTI representative and another SM employee who will be the one to pick the lucky winner of a brand new car!

The viral video was posted by Norman Sañez Ramirez, he had also stated that it was the original live video from the social media page of the said establishment that was later on had been deleted.
” Let s find out who will win the Brand New Suzuki Dzire here at SM City Bacoor Event Center! SM3DaySale ”
As Mr. Ramirez had a caption on the video, “This was originally a live video from Sm Bacoor page but it seems that the video was already been deleted.

This post was not intended to ruin someone else’s life or family please stop bashing guys, gusto lang din naman pong malaman nang iba kung totoo ba o hindi yung nakitang pandaraya, i know they are just doing their job haiz. DELETED my caption, kayo na po bahala… initially this was posted by sm live stream yan yung naka caption yung caption ko now and saw many comments about the raffle it just happen na i saved the video bago nila ma delete, and i know madami din pong naka pag save not only me, di ko alam bakit nag trend, because initially my intention is ipakita sa friends ko.

To those sending the profile nung nasa vid please delete or takpan niyo po yung face nang kids and family niya di naman po sila kasama sa nangyari.” The video had already 835 thousand views, with 30 thousand shares, 11 thousand comments, and 10 thousand reactions as of this writing. May this viral video be resolved and given clarifications by the concerned people and people with authorities.