Marami ang nagulat sa pagpapakasal ng isang 20-anyos na lalaki sa kanyang amo na 65-anyos na!

“Love conquers all” we often times see this in movies, shows and might have heard those lines in some of our elders. There had been a viral posts in different social media platforms about a young man who actually marries an older woman than him.

In Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province, 20 year old Muhammad Idris married his employer Inade who was actually 65 years old. Inade’s husband passed away on 2015 and marrying Idris was actually love according to her. Idris was a picker on the plantation of Inade where they fell in love with each other.
“We actually love each other. Maybe we are what’s called soulmates,” Inade explained.

It was indeed true that love is the greatest feeling of them all! As long as you chose to love, no one else could ever be a hindrance. You will no longer listen to the judgements of any other person. What will really matter to you the most is the love and the care you have for the one you love. Being by the side of each other will not only strengthen them but will also improved themselves than ever before.

This was indeed a great example of how strong the love of two different individuals to each other. Despite of all the judgment of the society nowadays, they still believe that their true happiness will only be achieved if they are together. Together they will prove everyone that their love for each other is genuine and they are very blessed to have each other on their lives. Those who believes in them, will only hope their over flowing happiness and their long relationship to last a lifetime. Not everyone are blessed with that kind of true love.