Mader Sitang naiyak habang nagpapamigay ng regalo sa mga bata sa Quezon City!

Mader Sitang was indeed here in the Philippines to visit our country and for a series of shows. She arrived here last October 19 and the day after she immediately went to Luneta park and other tourist spots in Manila.

Mader Sitang was a famous online personality that was known for her famous dance steps and head throw videos posted on her social media account. Her head throw videos where she actually flipped her hair back and forth sometimes her background was some shirtless men. She was already 52 years old transgender woman from Thailand, a lawyer in profession and was known in helping many people who had been struck by calamities all over the world.

She had given gifts, foods and money to some children in Barangay Mariana Quezon City. Tears fell down during the giving of foods and gifts, maybe because she was very close to children and helping them really touched her heart.

Based on reports, Mader Sitang was also the one who had given her support when our country was strucked by the typhoon Yolanda. She also confirmed that the big part of her shows here in the Philippines will be donated on the people who had been a victim of typhoon Ompong, a couple of months ago last September 2018.

It was indeed true that helping others in need was one of the greatest thing you could ever do as an individual. No matter what country or nationality you came from, or even the age or personal appearance, what really matter is the intention, and the pure heart an individual has. What ever good things you do to others, rest assured that there are our God who sees every single thing we do, every single thing we think, because there was nothing you can hide from the Lord, even the desires of your heart. May she be blessed always because of her good deeds not just to every Filipino but to every people in the world that she helped.