Mader Sitang maaring magkaron ng pelikula sino kaya itong sikat na artista na makakasama nya.

Mader Sitang known as a famous online personality because of her viral dance videos, head bangs, flipping of her hair back and forth often times surrounded by a number of shirtless men. She was also known for her good deeds everywhere in the world. She may not be that very pretty, very beautiful, and very gorgeous woman you have seen but she has the ever purest and lovable heart.

Mader Sitang was actually here in the Philippines for several shows and commitments. She had already visit our Luneta Park where our National hero can be found. She even salutes Dr. Jose Rizal as a sign of respect and honor.

She also had been to Barangay Mariana in Quezon City to give early Christmas gifts to children. She also shed tears while giving the children foods and gifts. She was very touched by the genuine smile of Filipino children and their sincere gratitude to her. Our fellow Filipino, Wilbert Tolentino was one of the main reason why Mader Sitang was able to be here and perform in the Philippines.

He was an LGBTQ influencer and known as the Mr. Gay Philippines 2009. He also wanted to produce a film for Mader Sitang together with Vice Ganda. Mader Sitang was also willing to learn to speak Tagalog and English if ever this happens. Mader Sitang was an endorser, model, a lawyer and a happy wife.

She was in a 12 year relationship with her 44 year old husband. She was first judged and bashed by the way she danced together with several shirtless men. But when many of the social media users have known about her good deeds and that she actually helped those typhoon Yolanda victims, everyone loved her so much!

Not just because she was a famous personality but she was indeed equipped with a very good heart and willing to help those people in need.