Litrato ni Jinkee Pacquiao noong 1996 isang patunay ng kanyang kagandahan

Being a wife is not an easy task. Giving birth to a child may change you a lot. It may requires lots of strengths, determination, inspiration, and love from one another. However, some wives did not value to maintain their beauty.

Maybe because the are comfortable and confident with their husband. It is important for us to value ourselves and maintain the physical features that are likeable to us. This also a way to preserve your marriage. For us to have a happy life. Remember “Behind every success of a man is a woman”.

The Pambansang Kamao’s wife Jinkee Paqcuio is a well known celebrity not just because of her husband but how she maintained her beauty and body until today. At the peek of the boxing career of the Filipino Pride-Sen Pacquio also the rise of the endorsements and commercials of Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao. That is why, We can barely see that She was followed and liked by many netizens.

The beautiful Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao from General Santos City have 5 children, and managed to maintain her beauty at the age of 39. Because of her beauty many of the social media fans are looking forward on her recent posts.

On her post on Instagram, many were amazed on what she look like when she was still young. She post a photo when she joined a pageant. The photo was taken in 1996. She said on her post “Flashback Friday. 1996 when i joined Binibining Henral Santos (Ms. Gensan) Can you spot me in this picture?”

Well as you can see on the picture, you can easily identify her on the photo. You can also conclude why Sen. Manny Pacquiao married her.

Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao is one of the role model of a wife who maintained their beauty throughout the years. It is a way you can show how happy you are with your family and to your husband.