Kahanga-hangang katapangan ng isang lalaki nakuhanan ng video ang pagliligtas niya sa apat na tao sa rumaragasang ilog

We often times heard about Good Samaritans helping other people nowadays. Helping those people on need without expecting anything in return.

Filipinos were not only known for being hospitable, for having a strong faith in terms of calamity, and being able to smile whatever hardships are there.

Many Filipinos were a certified good samaritan who cares for the people around them. Some of them actually went viral on some social media platforms and had earned recognitions, praises, and admirations from the online community. One of those good samaritans was this courageous man, who had jumped off the rapid river to save the lives of those stranded under the bridge. Many social media users had commented how brave the act of the man was!

He never hesitated to help those people in need. Even though his life would actually be at stake he still have the courage to save other people’s lives. The Tamugan River ******* was not the only scenario where you can clearly witness the heroism and the bayanihan of the Filipinos.

Filipinos were known to help other people in need, weather they are a foreign individual or a Filipino countrymen, Filipinos cannot hesitate and doubt about the fact that we are full of love and care to each and everybody. Because it actually runs in our Filipino blood.

The said viral post had a caption of, “Eto po yung Tamugan River ******* kahapon, buti na lang nailigtas ang apat na tao, eto ang tunay na bayani, buwis buhay na pag rescue, pasikatin natin ang lalaking ‘to na nagpamalas ng kabayanihan.” Surely, the good man will be blessed more than he deserved. For what you do unto others will surely be done into you.