Isang taga-hanga, nagpapicture kay Papa Echo! Ang pagpapatunay na ang kagwapuhan ay nasasalamin hindi lamang sa panlabas kundi sa kalooban ng isang tao

The modernity of our today’s world also changes the culture. The rapid changes of our technology also affects our daily living. One of an example of this tech are cellphones. Cellphones primary uses are for calls and sms. However, since technology innovates, the uses of it also increases. Cellphones today are vital on daily living because of its many features.

One of favorite features of a cellphone is its camera. Since most of people are fond on using social media apps, the use take pictures to show stories, preserve memories, share events to others, and the like.


Since taking photos is one of the uses of cellphones, we often take selfie photos, pictures with our loveones, groupie with friends, beautiful surroundings, and a lot more that we want. Moreover, if you see your favorite idol walking infront of you, ofcourse you want to have a picture with them.

One facebook user named Dennish Diane shared a story of her encounter with the famous actor Mr. Jericho Rosales. She merely explained why Mr. Jericho Rosales did not agree yet on her request for a selfie.

“Me: Jericho! Pwede magpapicture?
Sya: wait ate, may hinahanap lang ako na store.
Me: okay po. (Nakasimangot, akala ko masungit siya)
After 30 mins. Habang nag aayos ako ng menus

Me: OMG!! Binalikan nya ko! Hahahahaha”

Her shared post reached three (3) thousand shares. At first, Ms. Diane taught she was declined with her selfie request and afterwards her request was granted. Celebrities have their own uniqueness. Some celebrities forbid other fans to take pictures of them. But Mr. Jericho Rosales is different. He is humble and kind-hearted person. If this event happened to us, be patient and be mindful of the situation. On her story, Mr. Jericho Rosales, inspite of his achievement and fame, is willing to reach out with other simple person.