Isang netizen nakatikim ng sagot mula kay Jessy Mendiola matapos nitong magkomento na nakakasawa nang makita ang mga bikini photos ng aktres!

We are all guilty being a fan of several famous celebrities here in the Philippines and on other countries as well. We often times visit their social media accounts to see their profiles and to be updated on their whereabouts.

As a fanatic, it was a pleasure for us to be friends with our idols even just on their social media accounts. It can also be an inspiration to many of us especially to all women out there that they should also take care and love themselves not just for other people but for their self-worth and self-esteem as well.

A viral bikini photo of Jessy Mendiola had been spreading on different social media platforms wherein a social media user bashed the said photo of the famous actress. “Ateng wala ka na ibang ginawa kundi maghubad, hinay hinay lang.

Nakakasawa na!” The said netizen had commented on the bikini photo of Jessy Mendiola. The beautiful actress Jessy Mediola didn’t hesitate to say what she really felt regarding the not so good comment of the netizen, “Unfollow ka na lang. Madali lang yun!!”
The actress had been defended by many of her fans and good friends on the said conversation thread and she said.

“True! Di ko naman alam bawal pala magbikini sa beach?!
“Hubad agad? Diba pwede nakasaswimsuit lang???
“Hustisyaaa beeeees!”

It was indeed true that if you are not going to say anything good to a person you just better be silent than to cause some troubles and **** the feelings of other people.

Besides, there was nothing wrong expressing your love for yourself through those photos and you eventually do not **** any individual or step on anyone’s pride and dignity.