Isang Japan entertainer gustong bawiin ang kotse, motor, at ang anak nito mula sa ka-live in partner niyang mapanakit!

Any form of that whether it is psychological, emotional, or physical should never be allowed in our society. There are already several laws about the discrimination for woman and even children.

There was a video on social media that went viral where a Japan entertainer and also a mother of a 7-year old girl wanted to get from her former live in partner her hard earned car, motorcycle and even their little daughter that the said guy doesn’t want to show to her mother. On the said viral video Mary Joy Camba explained that her ex live in partner demanded her to give him monthly allowances or else she will no longer see her daughter.

It was also been an issue of physical to women where Mary Joy had several evidences to prove her accusations. Together with Mary Joy was her mother who also experienced the cursing and bad-mouthing of said man.

It was really difficult and traumatic to a 7-year old child to witnessed such a commosion especially with her parents involved. When Mary Joy insisted on getting back her car, Alvin Manaois, her former live in partner, said that the car was a gift of his gay customer from the bar and that his job was being a macho dancer.

Fortunately, at the end of the negotiation both parties had been satisfied with the result, where in the car and motorcycle will be sold and the money will be divided on both parties. The welfare of the child will also be agreed to the both parties that the child will be with her mother from Saturdays to Sundays and back to her father from Mondays to Fridays.

This maybe not the best resolution to their problem but for now this is the best for the both parties especially for the child.