Isa sa mga flight attendants ng Air Asia umani ng mga taga-hanga sa social media!

Being a flight attendant was never easy. As many people would think that it was a very easy job, you may think twice!

Flight attendants are the people who helped us have our dream comfortable and relaxed trip inside or outside the country. One of those flight attendants went viral on social media. A passenger had captured a candid photo of this lovely flight attendant.

A candid photo that when we normally took on our cameras would particularly seem weird and not so beautiful. But this flight attendant had eventually nailed it. Though it was a candid shot, she was still beautiful! The viral flight attendant was a Malaysian named Mabel Goo. She literally looks like an angel bound her on land. Many social media users had commented how good looking the flight attendant was.

Because of the enormous number of online community, the viral flight attendant had been searched all throughout social media platforms due to the undying curiosity of many social media users.

She had been found on social media and many more social media users had admired and were very surprised on the gorgeous lady’s photo on her social media account. She was very surprised that this instant fame for her was really happening right before her eyes. Her simple and quiet life before had been a little bit talk of the town for many days and maybe for a few days more. Whenever we will be able to catch some flight soon, we must be thankful on how these flight attendants had helped us and had assist us in our flights. They are also one of the people hoping for our safe and successful trip together with them.