Inulan ng kumento ang dating pagkanta ni Marian Rivera ng ‘Unfaithful’ ni Rihanna.

Social media has its own positive and negative effects to some individuals. Sad to say, some netizens used to make fun of the mistakes of others. It was observed that some netizens have more time on criticizing the mistakes of others rather than saying their goodness on other field.

Recently, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid transferred to ABS-CBN and this event made netizens to say that GMA is loosing their good singers. Who will replace the position of the “Song Bird”? This incident made other social media folks to produce something that could make fun on the occurence. This cause the trending throwback video of Marian Rivera singing ‘Unfaithful’ by Rhianna to be talked about in the social media.

In the throwback video, it seems like Marian Rivera forgot the lyrics that caused the negative comments of many netizens.

Marian Rivera is an Actress/TV host/Model. She is a well known celebrity who achieved numbers of awards. Also, The Actress endorced many tv commercials and been a main role of many movies and tv series. We can also see her numerous billboards accross the country. She is also the wife of the famous actor Mr. Dingdong Dantes and the mother of Baby Zia.

Not all of us are good singers. All of us are unique beings blessed with different faces, physique, and talents. Neither you can sing or dance, it does not matter as long as you live a good life. Having a good heart will be the indentifier of beauty.

Marian Rivera may had not performed well on the said video, but still look at her now! Will a single performance can affect your life that easily? Ofcourse not! Marian Rivera proves that. As a good person, always learn from your mistakes. Most of the time, Positivity is the key of success.

The two networks ABS-CBN and GMA have been rivals for years and it is not the first time that some persons wanted to flare up things. Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid may be an additional firepower for ABS-CBN but still, no one knows, maybe other Kapuso artists will rise for GMA. Who cares if Marian Rivera sings again, she still have a lots of fans out there. Many can still appreciate her.

Mistakes are made in the past, what matter is how you continue your life without stepping on others head.