Husband’s Plot of ******* Wife and Daughter Gone Wrong as A Text Accidentally Sent to His Former Boss

Marriage and family relationship doesn’t always go the way it should be; problems can arrive anytime such as infidelity, financial crisis, chores issues, or even kids can be an issue. Just like this couple, Jeffrey Lytle and Rhoda Mee Funtanilla Lytle who was undergoing a financial crisis.

Rhoda is a Filipina who was insured and so their daughter. Jeffrey plotted ****** to his wife and daughter so he can get the insurance money. He also instructed the ******** to make it looks natural for the claims.

“Hey, Shayne! How’s it going? You remember you said that you would help me **** my wife? I’m going to take you on that offer.”

The text message was supposed to send to Shayne, the killer. But Robert Alexander, Jeffrey’s former boss received it, and he reported it to the police. Thank goodness for Robert’s concern, Rhoda and her daughter is saved.

According to Jeffrey, their daughter was the one who accidentally sent it to his former boss as she is playing with his phone. No matter how it was done, Jeffrey is now in Snohomish County ****. He also has a $1 million bond for the ***** he made.