Hindi makapaniwalang nangyari ito sa kanila sa kalagitnaan ng kanilang pagtatanghal.

Crocodiles are known to be large aquatic animals that are known to be very dangerous to people. Philippine crocodile was very extinct nowadays and was severely threatened to be extinct because of extreme crocodile hunting.

Crocodiles are strong predators that feeds on amphibians, birds, mammals and fish. They are reptiles which enables them to live both on land and on water. They are also nocturnal in nature that have been their greatest advantage for their preys especially at night.

Crocodiles are hunted and ****** for their skin and other parts of their body to be sold or used in making bags, wallets, and other accessories. On this recent viral video most seen on many social media platforms, the crocodile show become a funny act when a guy on the said performance accidentally slipped off his feet and as they thought that the crocodile would react on its nature they ran out of the stage and they were all surprised that the crocodile eventually doesn’t move at all.

It was a very candid moment but still had brought fun and laughter to many people. It was also a relief that no one in the said video was harmed between the crocodile or the performers.

We should always remember to be good not just to people but to animals as well because they also have life. Life will always be a blessing to us, people and even animals.