Heart-warming duet of this couple touched the heart of many people

They sung their hearts out with this lovely song commended by netizens Filipinos were known to be tough whatever situations they are being through and whatever problems they are facing. We are always known to have that big smile on our faces even though our place was struck by a strong typhoon or calamity.

One of our greatest strength was our great faith in God as well as the spirit of Bayanihan that we are practicing and we had been taught by our dear ancestors. On this viral video posted on social media, a couple was seen singing a very heart warming song. It can also be seen in the video background that they are junk collectors or also known as the “magbabakal-bote”.

Despite their social status in their community we can clearly see their love to each other and their passion for singing. They also seem to be very simple in life. The way they live might not be that easy as many of us may be complaining on very minor problems but it was very inspiring seeing a couple like them keeping it easy in life and sharing things that they really love. It was true that money cannot buy everything in this world.

There can be people that are abundant in money but lacks love especially to the people they adore the most. There can also be people that seems to have every material thing you could ever imagine but there was no one for him or her to share every moments and memories to cherish. This couple inspires us to be loving, to find contentment in our hearts for us to find love, for love was such a very powerful word, very powerful because of the fact that we are created by God because of love. We are saved by our Lord Jesus Christ because of that four letter word known as Love.

Love that can conquer all odds. Love that can surpass all problems and challenges. May this amazing video spread love to each and everyone of us. This video already had 165 thousand reactions and 90,662 shares as of this writing.