He just used his lifeline to inform his father that he is going to be a millionaire soon right after he answered the one million worth question.

This man was really gifted with knowledge and confidence, you should watch this video until the end and be ready to be amaze! Have you ever watched a game show on television like Who wants to be a millionaire where the contestant showcase his or her knowledge about different categories and issues all around the world.


On this viral video posted online even the host of the show was so amazed by Mr. John Carpenter who just used his lifeline to call his father and inform him that he is going to be a millionaire! He still have his two other lifeline that he doesn’t seem to be needing because he was already on the one million question. It was really possible to witness people with such wonderful ability and such an amazing God-given knowledge.

It was so inspiring that he doesn’t seem to find it difficult answering all the questions that are very difficult to ordinary and average person. Congratulations to this new millionaire!